Come stay at The Historic Fort Peck Hotel. The center of some of Montana’s best fishing. The Fort Peck Reservoir is 156 miles long with 15 hundred miles of shore line and 100’s of secluded bays. You can fish for days without seeing another boat. The shore lines are abundant with wildlife deer, elk and antelope just to name a few.

The Fort Peck Reservoir host the Governor’s Cup Walley tournament plus 11 other tournaments. The reservoir is filled with many species of game fish. It is thought of to be the best Walleye lakes in the state where 30inch Walleye are common.

Fort Peck is the only lake in the state of Montana where you can harvest King Salmon ranging from 16 to 30 pounds. If Northern Pike is what you are looking for they are abundant and very large. Ranging 30 to 40inch average. The reservoir has become lately one of the best spots in Montana for Small Mouth Bass. They range 3 to 5pounds average. Perhaps you would like to catch Trout. This reservoir also holds cold water fish such as the Lake Trout, Rainbow and Brown Trout. The lake Trout can be caught in depth of 15 to 125 feet deep. The Rainbows and the Browns are generally caught in the river below the dam. However, big Lake Trout are also caught in the river.

You can see the river from The Historic Fort Peck Hotel. Perhaps you are an archery buff. You can enjoy shooting Carp with your bow. The river by the hotel is big enough for boats and you can shoot 5 different species of fish with your bow day or night. The Fort Peck area is also open for paddle fish bow hunting. Usually done at night with a boat. At The Historic Fort Peck Hotel we have truck with their boats parking available with a power pole to charge your electric motors. The hotel also has facilities for you to freeze or refrigerate your fish fillets while you stay at the hotel. If it is cold and windy one day you can always return to the hotel where the bar is always open and wait for the wind to die down!!! Come fish Fort Peck.

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The Historic Fort Peck Hotel

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Enjoyed a scrumptious rib steak dinner tonight at the historic Fort Peck Hotel Restaurant! Prepared to perfection and the sides were delicious! If you’re in the area and want a great meal, I highly recommend this wonderful restaurant!

Pam Veis

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Down home environment best place to stay within 100 miles they will treat like one of their own. Food was delicious!

Mark Lepkowski

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Incredible experience! The owners and staff are top notch. This is not some fancy hotel where people just walk by and don’t say hello, this is family oriented and very relaxing. Would recommend to anyone.

Riley Rice

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