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The Historic Fort Peck Hotel

A Breakfast buffet is offered daily from 7:00am – 10:00am. The breakfast is open to the public and is not included in overnight guest room rates.  Our typical items include: French toast casserole, biscuits and gravy, scrambled eggs, bacon, toast, hash browns, pancakes, muffins, sweet rolls, fruit. Coffee, juice, or Pepsi products available for additional cost.

Hunters and fisherman welcome.  Area to park your boats, freeze your fish. 

The Historic Fort Peck Hotel is located in a sports person’s haven and a place of refuge for anyone needing to unwind.  The wooden hotel, built in the 1930s, is filled with history and friendly faces.  We offer lodging, fine dining and fully stocked lounge.  We’ll help you plan a family reunion or a company party.  Take a step into the 30’s by staying at the Fort Peck Hotel.  We’re on the National Register of Historical Buildings.  When you sit on a wooden rocking chair on the large, front porch, or relax in the lounge, you will find the contentment for which you are looking.

This old wooden hotel, built in the 1930’s, when the Core of Engineers were building the dam.  The dam is considered the world’s largest earth dam. The hotel was built to house officers, and other important diplomats from around the world  (Including a stay from President  Roosevelt) We are located 1 mile from the “Fort Peck Reservoir”.

When President Franklin Roosevelt’s signature authorized construction of the Fort Peck Dam on October 14, 1933, officials immediately began one of the nation’s largest New Deal projects. The promise of work on the 134-mile filled-earth dam brought as many as 50,000 people to the Fort Peck townsite.

Former college professors, hoboes, foreclosed farmers, and many others came from across the nation to settle here. The only thing they had in common was the need for work; the project employed nearly 10,500 men, who had lost their livelihoods during the Great Depression. The townsite that sprang up to serve these instant residents was designed to be temporary.

Instead, Fort Peck became a permanent community of about 300, and beautiful Fort Peck Lake is today a favorite recreation destination created from the 1930s Dust Bowl. The Fort Peck Hotel and Garage were among the “temporary” government structures constructed in the 1930s. Planners chose the Swiss Chalet style, popularized in the national parks of the 1910s and 1920s, for the town’s most prominent buildings such as the hospital, theatre, store, laboratory, and this hotel.

The hotel and its utilitarian garage catered to the many government employees and others who came to work, oversee, and inspect the building of the huge dam between 1933 and 1943. The hotel’s rustic timbers, rough-sawn siding, and dramatic gabled entry became a permanent fixture in the temporary-turned-permanent townsite. The now privately operated hotel, refurbished to its 1933 ambiance, is a focal point in the community and caters to the visitors who come to enjoy this man-made paradise.

Our hotel is filled with history and friendly faces. Take a step back in time while visiting with us. Whether you sit on a wooden rocking chair on the large front porch or relax in the lounge you will find the contentment you are looking for. Our restaurant has been listed in the top 2 best in Eastern Montana.

2022 Room Rates

8 and under stay free. The State of Montana has a mandatory 8% bed tax.

Room Rate

Montana Bed Tax

Total Per Night

European Room

Sink in room, 3 private baths with locking door, 2 private toilets with locking door, ceiling fan and air conditioning.

1 person $74.00 $5.92 $79.92
2 people $80.00 $6.40 $86.40
3 people $89.00 $7.12 $96.12
4 people $95.00 $7.60 $102.60
Room Rate

Montana Bed Tax

Total Per Night

Regular Room

Air conditioned, private bath with shower or a claw-foot bathtub.

1 person $90.00 $7.20 $97.20
2 people $96.00 $7.68 $103.68
3 people $103.00 $8.24 $111.24
4 people $109.00 $8.72 $117.72
Room Rate

Montana Bed Tax

Total Per Night

Two Room Suite

Two air conditioned, adjoining bedrooms with shared shower/bathroom.

2 people $133.00 $10.64 $143.64
3 people $139.00 $11.12 $150.12
4 people $145.00 $11.60 $156.60
5 people $151.00 $12.08 $163.08
6 people $156.00 $12.48 $168.48

Children 8 and under stay free.  Montana requires a 8% State Bed Tax.

All prices subject to change without notice!

The Historic Fort Peck Hotel

We offer neat and clean lodging. We can help you plan your family reunion, wedding, company parties and special functions. You can rent all or part of the hotel for your events. Follow us on Facebook</a

Words From Customers

Enjoyed a scrumptious rib steak dinner tonight at the historic Fort Peck Hotel Restaurant! Prepared to perfection and the sides were delicious! If you’re in the area and want a great meal, I highly recommend this wonderful restaurant!

Pam Veis

Facebook Review

Down home environment best place to stay within 100 miles they will treat like one of their own. Food was delicious!

Mark Lepkowski

Google Review

Incredible experience! The owners and staff are top notch. This is not some fancy hotel where people just walk by and don’t say hello, this is family oriented and very relaxing. Would recommend to anyone.

Riley Rice

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